BeautyRex scrub Review GuatemalaBeautyRex is a unique anti-cellulite scrub that exfoliates and cleanses the skin to get rid of cellulites. Saturated with vitamins and minerals, it promotes hydration and skin renewal and perfectly moisturises the skin. The scrub is used by a large number of women in Guatemala where it is extremely popular. User comments and opinions on forums suggest that BeautyRex eliminates cellulites within just a month. So far, there are no complaints about any side effects or contraindications stemming from the use of the formula.


Developed by a team of dermatologists, BeautyRex also promotes skin lifting and tightening. It is a doctor-approved formula which fights cellulites effectively without compromising the health of the skin. The scrub has a powerful effect on tissue regeneration and skin rejuvenation. Its composition is entirely natural and consists of ingredients like quinoa extract, L-carnitine, Asiatic spark and guarana extract. After undergoing several clinical trials, its effectiveness has been determined to be 95%.

In this detailed BeautyRex review, you will find all the information on things like: what is BeautyRex – properties and advantages of the anti-cellulite scrub? What customers are saying in their comments and opinions? How to use the scrub according to the instructions for use, leaflet? How much is BeautyRex price and where to buy it?

5 Foods That Help Reduce Cellulites Naturally

The problem of cellulites is quite common. It is estimated that at least 90% of women will have cellulites at some point in their lives. While cellulites are quick to form, they are hard to get rid of. They appear in the form of dimples on the skin and affect areas like the thighs, buttocks, arms, shoulders and abdomen. They can be extremely unsightly and annoying. But, did you know that it is possible to reduce the appearance of cellulites by eating certain foods? Yes, some foods have special properties that can fight cellulites and promote healthy skin.

Let’s take a look at some of the foods that have the potential to combat cellulites naturally:

  • Dark chocolate – loaded with antioxidants which helps breakdown fats and improves blood flow.
  • Saffron – has excellent anti-inflammatory properties which improves blood circulation and increases muscle tone.
  • Blueberries – packed with anthocyanin that eliminates toxins responsible for promoting cellulites.
  • Cayenne pepper – contains Vitamin B6 which helps in building healthy skin tissues and restores the connective tissues.
  • Garlic – helps in the removal of toxins and improves blood circulation.

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BeautyRex – What Is It And How It Works in Cellulite Removal

BeautyRex – What Is It

BeautyRex is a completely natural body scrub that works to reduce the appearance of cellulites. The company says that BeautyRex is a top-selling product in Guatemala because it does what it claims to do. They have sold thousands of packs of BeautyRex and have received highly positive feedback from their customers. A number of dermatologists also recommend its use to women who are struggling with cellulites. BeautyRex offers a natural and safe solution for getting rid of the root cause of the problem. There are no complaints about side effects or contraindications till date.

The formula has undergone several clinical tests and trials. It is proven to be 95% effective in cellulite removal. When used on a regular basis, it helps break down fat cells under the skin to eliminate cellulites completely and for good. It also cleanses the skin leaving the skin soft, smooth and hydrated.

Benefits and Advantages of the Scrub for Removing Cellulites

With BeautyRex, women can enjoy professional level cellulite treatment at the comfort of their own homes. Many professional dermatologists have shared their expert opinions on this product and highlighted its numerous benefits and advantages. They say that BeautyRex is far superior to many other anti-cellulite products available in Guatemala today. In their opinion, it not only eliminates cellulites, but makes the skin healthy and beautiful as well.

The many benefits and advantages of BeautyRex comes from its all-natural composition. It is a unique formula and works better than laser treatments and surgeries for cellulite removal. It rejuvenates the skin and gives women more confidence and happiness.


  • Made up of all-natural ingredients that work to address the root cause of cellulites and reduces their appearance;
  • The scrub is proven to be 95% effective in promoting healthy, hydrated and moisturised skin;
  • Regular use of the scrub, stimulates renewal of skin cells, boosts collagen production, softens hard skin, improves skin texture and protects against recurrence of cellulites;
  • There are no complaints about side effects or contraindications in customer comments and opinions on forums;
  • To make a purchase, visit the manufacturer’s official website where BeautyRex is sold at a good price in Guatemala;


  • Stock may run out at times due to high demand;
  • Sold online only;

Nota Bene! Results may vary individually!

BeautyRex Comments and Opinions on Forums – The Formula is Highly Effective and Not A Scam

BeautyRex Comments and Opinions Guatemala Price

The vast majority of the comments and opinions shared on online forums are hugely favourable. Many women who have used this product say that it works really well to reduce the appearance of cellulites. Some of them managed to get rid of cellulites completely within 30 days. Expert dermatologists have also confirmed that BeautyRex is safe and effective when it comes to fighting cellulites and promoting skin health.


“I have used more expensive cellulite treatment products before, but this one is just different. It proves that expensive is not always better. BeautyRex is much affordable and it works perfectly well. I was able to say goodbye to cellulites in just 4 weeks time. Now I feel so good in my skin. Big thumbs up to the makers!” Sofia Aguilar, 41, Jalapa.

“This product works as it was described. I am very very impressed after noticing a huge difference in the health of my skin. It is easy to use and does a great job in tightening loose skin. My thighs look so much better now. There are no more cellulites and no more loose skin. I highly recommend BeautyRex” Michelle Gonzalez, 33, Cuilapa.

“I bought BeautyRex online after one of my friends recommended it to me. We both had cellulites and she was the first one to get rid of them. So knowing that this product works really well, I also gave it a try and the results made me very happy. My cellulite has reduced greatly and I like how my skin feels now. It’s soft and smooth. My stretch marks have also become lighter.” Andrea Perez, 35, Retalhuleu.

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How to Use BeautyRex – Instructions for Use and Leaflet

Customers who order BeautyRex will find a leaflet inside the package which they can refer to for detailed instructions for use. According to the user manual, consuming more fresh fruits and vegetables during the cellulite treatment speeds up the cellulite removal process. they also promote skin health.

This is how to use BeautyRex Anti-Cellulite Scrub in the right way:

  1. Apply a sufficient amount of the scrub on damp skin and rub gently.
  2. Scrub your skin in circular motion for 2-3 minutes.
  3. Rinse the skin with lukewarm water and pat dry with a soft towel.
  4. Apply the scrub twice a day to exfoliate the skin and remove cellulites.

Beauty Rex Side Effects and Contraindications

BeautyRex is a 100% natural exfoliating scrub and cellulite treatment and this is why it does not pose risk of side effects, contraindications and allergies. People have used it safely for a long time and they continue to do so. Daily use of the scrub accelerates the process of cell regeneration and makes the skin smoother and firmer.

Beauty Rex Main Ingredients and Composition

Beauty Rex Ingredients

The beneficial anti-cellulite formula mainly combines botanical extracts. Some of its main ingredients include quinoa extract, Asiatic spark, l-carnitine and guarana extract. These natural ingredients have exceptional anti-inflammatory properties and antioxidants that helps reduce the appearance of cellulites and promotes healthy skin.

The main results you can get with BeautyRex’s composition include:

  • Tissue regeneration and healing is accelerated;
  • Skin is rejuvenated and epidermis is healed;
  • Moisture loss from the skin is reduced and protective properties are restored.

The main ingredients in the formula are:

  • Quinoa extract;
  • Asiatic spark;
  • L-carnitine;
  • Guarana extract;

BeautyRex Price in Guatemala and Where to Buy

BeautyRex Price in Guatemala

The price of BeautyRex is really affordable in Guatemala because the manufacturer has decided to disperse the product single-handedly via their official website. There are no other resellers of this product.

When placing an order, customers can get up to 50% discount on the original price. Women who are finding it hard to get rid of cellulites can purchase BeautyRex at a special price simply by filling in the online order form. The order must then be purchased to a customer care agent over phone. Delivery is usually done within a week. COD payment method is accepted within Guatemala.

Attention! BeautyRex is ordered in the standard way for a digital product. Clients fill in the order form and confirm their basic details such as name and address over telephone. The order arrives in a week and is paid for via COD.

Is BeautyRex Sold In the Pharmacy – Amazon or Ubuy

It is not possible to buy BeautyRex from the pharmacy or from sites like Amazon and Ubuy. This is because the company has a strict policy to disperse the formula from their official website online. Third party retailers are not authorised to distribute the product because it can lead to an increase in the final price that customers have to pay for it. It can also give rise of online scams and counterfeit copies of BeautyRex. The company advises its clients not to look for BeautyRex in the pharmacy, on Amazon or on Ubuy.

Aerobic Exercises Helps Burn Fat and Tighten Skin

Simple exercises like cycling, swimming, running and dancing can work wonders for your skin. While they do help burn excess fat, they also promote skin tightening.  They improve the overall elasticity of the skin, help build stronger muscles and also reduce the appearance of cellulites.

Bottom Line: One of the best all-natural products for cellulite removal in Guatemala is BeautyRex. It is well-liked in comments and opinions on forums. It is also recommended by professional dermatologists as a safe and reliable alternative to laser treatments and surgeries for cellulite removal. The beneficial anti-cellulite formula contains powerful botanical extracts and it does not induce unwanted side effects or contraindications.


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